Rebecca: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Rebecca was a victim of identity theft dating back to the 1980s. False collection accounts continually appeared on her Equifax credit reports, badly marring her otherwise perfect credit history. She wrote to Equifax repeatedly asking to have the false information deleted. Sometimes accounts would be deleted, only to return months or years later. Because of the inaccurate credit reports, she couldn’t be on the deed to her own home.

The consumer attorneys of Baxter & Baxter, LLP brought a case in United States District Court under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The case was tried to a federal jury in 2007. After a weeklong trial, the jury returned a verdict of $200,000 against Equifax.

“As a victim of identity theft ranging back to the 1980s, I found myself continually fighting the credit bureaus to clean my credit report of false information. The final straw occurred when I was forced to take my name off the deed of our home because of false information on my credit report. Fortunately for me I found the law firm of Baxter & Baxter LLP who brought a case against Equifax under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. After a weeklong trial in federal court, a jury returned a verdict of $200,000. Best of all, I finally got a clean credit report. I am so appreciative of the excellent work done by Justin and Michael Baxter — not only due to the results of the lawsuit, but because of the personal and caring attention I received. I wholeheartedly recommend the legal services of Baxter & Baxter!”

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